We’d played before. Bottom. Top
You always knew just when to stop
Sometimes it was me, the Master
How I savored your pleading “faster”
I loved it more when you had me tied
You waiting and smirking, my bliss denied.
Or nipples bitten by your lips
Sometimes exchanged for torture clips
Or when you were helpless as I kissed a tit
Howling loudly when I reached your clit
Silken scarfs we used to bind
Silken scarfs we used to blind
Gradually things evolved
Suddenly it was you around whom I revolved
Then that night, in early fall
How you sat, is what I recall
On your lips, not a smile’s hint
In your eyes, a demon’s glint
Then I saw them in your hand
You were right that I’d understand
You held the cuffs out so I could see
It was how you’d want me to be
You sat silent as I walked away
We both knew from that Autumn day
You’d be my mistress, I’d be your slave
Receiving from you much more than I gave
I walked and got naked and lay on the bed
Now it was yours and on it I spread
Awaiting you to cuff each arm and each leg
Knowing that soon you’d be making me beg
Then I heard your steps walking towards me
Yes I was dripping. Yes I was free.