Ethel’s 3: Michelle and Val

Michelle & Val: Ethel's Part 3: A Lesbian Romance (Ehtel's Lesbian Bar) Kindle Edition

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Michelle Steele was drunk. Everyone else was so fucking happy and she’d just been dumped. So she was entitled to get herself drunk on this particular Saturday night in September. She sat in one of the tables along the wall and friends were on either side of her. They were protecting her and allowing her to get it out of her system. They got her watered-down drinks at the bar and kept watch over the door to see if Val, always Val, came in.

Those friends were Sally Abbott and Eve Young and they were decidedly among the so-fucking-happy people Michelle knew. Married even. They knew Michelle from the bar well enough to chat for a few minutes when they saw her. They happened to be there when Michelle started on her bender and volunteered to chaperone her.

Michelle was from Albany, New York and worked at an ad agency in midtown Manhattan. She blossomed after she arrived in the City and discovered the freedom of being a lesbian away from home. She’d yet to tell her folks, but her brother and sister knew she was gay. Michelle’s parents were oblivious to her orientation since to them she was always the pretty girl destined for a handsome husband.

Michelle had relationships with a number of women in college, usually tall and playing a sport, and when she got to New York she lusted after similar women at Ethel’s, on the subway, and pretty much everywhere else. The relationship that just blew up lasted three months. It was with Val Daniels. They’d met at Ethel’s, and Michelle was immediately attracted to her. Val was a bit taller than Michelle. Val was Michelle’s dream of a woman whose arms she wanted to be in.

It was another Saturday night, this one in June, when Val saw Michelle ogling her as she had many times before. But this time, Michelle’s look lingered with a barely-noticeable smile before she turned to go to the Ladies’ Room. Val followed her in. It was otherwise empty, and Val stood behind the shorter woman at the sinks, where she was waiting. Their eyes meeting in the mirror.

It was a cheesy pickup line but it worked.

“Are you alone?”

Michelle put her arms behind her back and drew Val towards her. It thrilled her. She turned quickly. She put her arms around Val’s shoulders and Val put hers around Michelle’s waist and just like that they were kissing deeply, until the door opened.

Val pulled Michelle through the door and back into and then through the bar, giving Michelle only enough time to grab her bag and say goodbye to the women she was with—who looked at each other as she left. In an instant they were out on Hudson Street. It was late spring, and warm enough not to need a coat or a sweater. Val pushed Michelle against the wall of a building around the corner and devoured her mouth, first nibbling on the lower lip and then circumnavigating and lancing her tongue into a desperate mouth. It brought feelings to Michelle she’d never known existed.

Michelle had never gone to bed with anyone unless there was some connection. She was always worried what would happen if it didn’t work out. She needed a connection. It was there with Val.

“Please take me somewhere.” It was a hoarse whisper with lips caressing Val’s ear lobe. She’d never said nor had the urge to say it before in such a moment.

Val put her arm up and a cab screeched to a stop at the curb, and the two women got in. It took them to a small apartment in the East Village, on the third floor of a walkup. Decorum ruled on the way, and they did no more than hold hands. As they left the cab and went up the stoop.

“I’m Michelle.”

“I know. It’s Val. Just Val.”

“I know. I’ve heard all about you.”

“And yet here you are.”

“Here I am.”

Val took her keys out and opened the door. Before it was shut, Michelle had taken her dress off above her head. She was embarrassed for a second; she had not expected to take her dress off in front of someone that night and so wore simple cotton panties and a basic bra. She blushed, aware that there was a growing stain on her panties.

Val kissed her on her neck, running her tongue in small circles then whispering, “You are glorious.” She then undid her shirt and took off her jeans. There Michelle saw a strapon in Val’s black boyshorts. Val was expecting something to happen that night.

She took Michelle into the bedroom and removed her underwear, sniffing the panties like a trophy as her eyes bore into Michelle’s until she licked her pussy for just a moment after Michelle was on her back. She reached for Val to move up.


It had been a while. Michelle was at the receiving end of a strapon several times in college and had in fact extended one relationship for about a month after they both knew it was over simply to feel one in her pussy. But for all the dates she had in New York, none had reached this stage. Until tonight. She was ready. She nodded.

Val slowly entered and the two found a rhythm. After several minutes, Michelle asked Val to stop so she could get on all fours and have Val enter her from behind. She had her elbows on the bed and the side of her face on the pillow as she was entered. The physical connection complemented the mental one that appeared in the Ladies’ Room at Ethel’s.

Val enjoyed herself. She’d noticed Michelle several times and saw how her eyes often lingered on one or another of the butchier women at the bar. She was told by friends (and sometime rivals) that Michelle never clicked with any of them, and several dismissed her as a “frigid bitch.” Which was catnip for Val.

Now she was in the other woman gyrating the dildo and reaching to rub the pearl of the clit until she made Michelle spasm and come. After a period of recovery, Michelle turned voracious and after Val let her take off the strapon she attacked the damp pussy. It was the most magical thing she’d ever seen or tasted and when Val said, “Asshole,” she, for the first time, ran her finger across an anus and when she heard “In” she, for the first time, after wetting her middle finger with Val’s juices placed it in an asshole and Val burst, grabbing Michelle’s head so hard that Michelle feared she would drown in Val’s flood and not caring if she did.

After they both came down, they lay in the bed together on their backs and, after tidying themselves and preparing themselves in the bathroom Michelle fell asleep on Val’s bed, with Val wrapping her arms around her.

From that evening on, the two were inseparable.

They complemented one another. Michelle, who shared an apartment on the Upper East Side with the very-straight Diane Volk, spent two or three nights during the week at Val’s and always Friday and Saturday. Val, who worked as a librarian for the New York Public Library at its Kips Bay branch on 31st Street—she had a degree in Library Science from Cornell—was comfortable from the start with her lover. They frequented Ethel’s on weekends as well as smaller bars in Val’s neighborhood.

One night while they were in bed, Michelle asked Val to take her on a date.

“I don’t do dates.”

“I know. That’s why I want you to take me. It’ll be nice.”

Val gave it a fair amount of thought over the next ten seconds. Dates always struck her as a sort of preliminary to the main event and she’d always gone directly to the main event with women.

“If I do, what do you want to do?”

“Dinner and a movie.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

Michelle leaned onto her right elbow, her head over Val’s.

“I’ll make it worth your while,” said as she ran her finger across Val’s cheek, something that at first aggravated the hell out of Val and that no one else had ever done but that had become strangely intimate and wholly natural between the two. She knew resistance was futile.

So Friday became a date night, and Val began to enjoy it. She liked that Michelle wanted to show her off, going to things. Movies. Galleries. Even bowling once; Val found her guard evaporated after the fourth frame of her first game she’d rolled since grammar school on Long Island. As often as not, Michelle told Val as they left whatever venue they’d been in, “thank you for that.”

Then everything broke. It began innocuously enough. Michelle’s parents were taking the train to the City for a few days when her roommate was visiting her own folks in Colorado. The roommate, Diane, had no problem letting Michelle sleep in her bed so Michelle could give her parents hers. When Michelle told Val that they couldn’t see each other for a few days, it blew up when Michelle said Val could not meet her parents. They were together for three months, exclusive to one another, and Val couldn’t meet her parents.

“They still don’t know.”

“What do you mean, ‘they still don’t know’?”

“About me.”

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