I Could Work On Him

I could work on him.

They were quiet. My mother and my father were staring at me from chairs that faced the sofa where I sat. And they were quiet. Importantly, I was not sitting alone. I sitting with my boyfriend, Mel, and the stares were the result of my saying, “Mom, Dad. This is my boyfriend, Mel.”

“Aren’t you going to say something?”

“What’s there to say?” This was my father and he said it as he stood to walk out the door.

My mother looked embarrassed, in a way I’d never seen before. After watching her husband leave the room she got up, as did we, and she gave Mel a hug.

“It’s so nice to meet you.” Looking at me she smiled. “Why did you keep him hidden for so long?”

“Well, you know. Dad.”

“Yes. I know your father. He kept saying you didn’t bring girls home because you were too busy to date. I knew better. So why did you bring Mel home?”

“Cause I think I love him.”


“OK. I love him.”

She turned to Mel.

“And you?”

“I love him too Mrs. Alton.”

“Good.” Turning back to me, she said, “I could work on him.”

“That’d help.”

“With time, I think he’ll come around. You knew your father.”

“Yes, I do. That’s what concerns me.”