Super Short

These items are mostly Flash Fiction pieces from Twitter, built off a photo, a word, or a phrase. Sometimes done to the clock.

Slamwords February 8, 2020: Ten tweets in response to ten prompts. Building a story without knowing what the next prompt will be.

Stella Evans: I thought of putting this into a short-fiction competition by Michele Sagan. It must be 250 to 1,000 words but romance is not a category. Unless it is funny. She wants SciFi, fantasy, or chiller/crime. So I began with a fantasy-like start. But it went where it went.

I Am Hungry: Also for Michele Sagan. A bit noir.

The Old Cabin: A photo prompt. 100 to 300 words. From Bunny’s Last Flame.

That’s Not How It Happened: A 15-minute clock to include that phrase.

Waterfall: From a Friday photo prompt, 150-300 words.

His Arm About Her Tightens: Using the prompt, “His Arm About Her Tightened.” Very creepy.

I Have Heard It All Before: 250 words with that prompt.

“I’m The One You Expected, Am I?”: 250 words using that prompt.

Yield: Something on that prompt. From Kat Avila. Aug. 29.

The Old Building: A photo prompt. Aug. 29.

Cuffs: A photo prompt. Of cuffs. Aug. 30.

You Can’t Cheat Death: A photo, phrase, and idea prompt. From Cara Michaels, who is very good at flash fiction. Sept. 2.

He’s Barely Alive: story using that phrase. It ended up winning the week’s contest. Sept. 6.

Gonna Be A Busy Night: A phrase prompt.

Leaves: Another photo prompt.

Fury: A flash-fiction using the word “fury.” This one has a bit of a twist.

Berlin: A super-short story for a few prompts. Sept. 9.

Michael Olson: “His world suddenly made sense.” Sept. 13.

Are You Ready: A photo and word prompt. Sept. 13.

Brash: Word prompt. 500+ words. Sept. 18.

She Was Lucky To Live So Long: Phrase prompt. Sept. 19.

Does It Help: Cara Michaels, Sept. 30

Just Fake It: Cara Michaels, Oct. 7. This one won the week’s prize.

I Could Work On Him: Prompt with that word. October 10. From Siobhan Muir.

Purple: 296 words, prompt of Purple, via Katheryn J. Avila.

Hands: Using that word prompt.

I Don’t Like When He Walks Around At Night: A Halloween Flash Fiction.

We Need To Do Something About This: A little erotica. October 24, 2019.

Storm: 286 words. A bit more, erotica. October 25, 2019.

I Suppose What You Need To Know: MM. November 7, 2019.

Harder For Them To Find You: A Prompt off that phrase. Hon. Mention for S. Muir. November 14, 2019

So That’s It Then?: A Prompt on that phrase. About solving an old mystery. November 15, 2019.

From Miranda Kate’s (@PurpleQueenNL) weekly photo-prompt, at Finding Clarity

Adonis: I’m not fond of the supernatural, but I went with it for this one. July 10, 2019.

Her: My first and one of my favorites.

Mansion: A bit of erotica on this one.

A Safe Place: This photo brought back one of my earliest memories.

Ecstasy: I had no idea what to do with this one. So I made it about love.

Forgive Me Father for I have Sinned: Miranda wasn’t keen on this. She has a point. A lot of repetition and not much of a story. But I think I roped it in with the next story:

Canal Boat: This is the companion to “Forgive Me Father.”

The Dead Mall: I don’t do supernatural. But I ended up there with this photo.

Bumper Cars: A short, romantic piece.

Fence: Not so romantic. Aug. 28.

Trapped: A college boy gets himself into a bit of trouble. Sept. 11


This is a page of Tweets. I’ll update it regularly.


Moment: From a photo

Clasp: A Twitter poem off a prompt.

Cuffed: A poem built off of the super-short Cuffs.

He is Gone and I Love Him Still: Song lyrics; a subway ride.