I often do 280 character responses to prompts. Some I kind of like.


We’ve been married for a long time and every morning that I see her in our bed, dozing and unaware of her accidental nakedness, I still rue my lack of a painter’s hand or poet’s mind, to do justice to her curves and depth. Sept. 17


(This is cheating. I went over 280 characters:

This was bad. They’d known each other for a semester and as usual were in the library. She happened to look over as he reached for a book in the stacks and for the first time noticed his ass. He was wearing his usual jeans and t-shirt. From the angle, though, his perfect ass.

She felt strange and different. She didn’t want things to change between them. But she suddenly wanted . . . him.


She hoped he wouldn’t notice the fierceness in her eyes when he came back. She was wrong.

This was bad. Very bad. (Sept. 17)


It was childish. The yard was clear after an hour’s raking. She stood, back to me, proudly by the pile of leaves we’d built. She didn’t hear me and jumped when I grabbed her waist as we fell into the pile. Her cheeks were chilled, her sweat a film on her. Her lips welcomed mine.


He thought he broke her. She was no longer the fierce, independent woman he would tame. She came when he beckoned.

She paid him homage, doing as he bade. Kissing his fingers. Kissing elsewhere. Surrendering her independence to him.

He was wrong. Now his is dead. And she free.

Back Draft (Movie Name Prompt)

They were finally alone. A moment he looked dreamed of but never dared hope would occur. Naked, they kissed and soon she was above him. She lowered herself and when he was in her he exploded, like a starving fire receiving a jolt of oxygen, a conflagration he couldn’t control.

Love Knows No Color

His lack of command of English was endearing. But his blue eyes were hypnotic. We were in a part of town I didn’t know.

“Love knows no color.” I smiled. “OK.” A marquee ahead. “Casablanca.” Ah. I get it. The seduction of black & white. And Bogart.

“Two please.”

Wierd Science (Movie Title Prompt)

“What’s wrong?”

“I dunno. She looks different.”

“Her boobs?”

“Sure. But something else. I’ve know her all my life. Suddenly she looks new.”

“Looks the same to me. Except for–”

“Yeah. It’s not that. I get sweaty talking to her.”

“Ah. That’s weird science working on you.”

Pride and Prejudice and Vampires (Movie Title Prompt)

She was watching it for the umpteenth time.

-I prefer Keira Knightley.

-Oh shut up.

-Colin Firth acts like he has a stick up his ass.

-If you don’t shut up . . .

I put my hands on her shoulders. My lips startled her.

-If I suck your blood will we live forever?

-I hope so.

NuRomantics Photo Prompt

They were waiting for her. It was, perhaps, her final stolen-moment with him. Each moment precious as a stolen diamond or a stolen Renoir. All she could do was lock it away so no one would discover it, to be taken out in a stolen moment of freedom from her lot.

They could wait.

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