Please note that reader comments, good or bad, are the lifeblood of a writer. Many of these stories have been improved by comments from readers before they were finalized. You can put them HERE or you can email them to me at Stories212@Hushmail.com The symbols: F/F = woman/woman. M/F = man/woman. M/M = man/man.

These stories have scenes that are not suitable for those under 18.

The Neallys (F/F, M/F): This is a six-part series first published at Literotica.com. A Kindle version is also available. Its overall arc concerns a woman who moves to New York to attend Columbia Law School and falls for a classmate from New York, who may or may not be straight. It then explores several other relationships.

Mary Elizabeth Nelson (F/F) is a character in The Neallys, the Aunt Mary to Suzanne Neally. She wrote her own biography. Mary is gay and was disowned by her parents and moved to New York. Where, yes, she fell in love. Unfortunately with someone who was about to get married.

The Dress (F/F): This story begins when two women agreed to share ownership of a vintage Dior gown bought at a vintage shop in New York’s East Village.

Fairytale of New York (M/F): This was based on a tweet by Sonia Palermo, who lives in Brighton, UK. (@Sonia_Polermo) It is based on event on Christmas, initially in Manhattan. Sonia gave me some details about Brighton.

The Redemption of Cheryl Baines (F/M): A 53 year-old woman at the low ebb of her life picks up a man in his twenties at a bar and goes home with him. It changes her life.

Very Rich and Very Famous: (Evelyn is my favorite character.)

  • Part 1: Peter Edgar (M/F) begins with Peter Edgar, a man who is Very Rich and Very Famous. He lives on Park Avenue and has a house in East Hampton. It follows him and a series of other characters over several years.
  • Part 2: Evelyn (M/F (brief but very important to story), (F/F) introduces Evelyn Manners.
  • Part 3: BCANDEM (F/F) is all about Evelyn Manners and Bridget Casey. In Manhattan, in East Hampton, and with a few trips, including to Great Barrington, Massachusetts. There are both straight and lesbian aspects. At this point, the story is on hiatus for a while.

London ‘Honeymoon’ (F/F) began as a 750 story that had to have a British angle. So I had a New Yorker go to London. Where there’s a bike crash in Hyde Park, some loose language (by the New Yorker), and a connection between two woman, one of whom is on the “honeymoon” that was paid for although the wedding never happened. The first 3 parts are up. Things start getting steamy in the third part although in fairness that is a single kiss in each of the first two. This is the most-episodic of my stories.

The Professor: (M/F) This is an entry in Literotica’s Summer Loving 2019 contest. It has to have a summer theme. So Professor Edward Allen, a widower, goes to Merton College in Oxford to teach a course on post-WWII U.S. And meets a former student on the High Street.

Ethel’s: (F/F) Ethel’s is a fictional lesbian-bar in New York City’s West Village. These are stories of some of the women who pass through its doors.

The Visit: Beth Goes To Chicago: (F/F) Beth Jenkins gets a call from her sister that their father is dying. Beth was estranged for years since her family, old-school Catholics in a Chicago suburb, learned she was gay. She’s going to see if a reconciliation is possible.

Jeremy Owens: (M/M) This the story of Jeremy Owens. He is Beth Jenkins‘s nephew, and her story ends several years before this one. Jeremy grew up outside of Chicago and goes to Fordham University in the Bronx, where he comes out. This is his story.

Sgt. Briana Jameson: (F/F) A bit of noir, a bit of sex.

Jimmy Trent and Me: (M/F) A bit different. A New York woman’s adventures. Or some of them.

One Night in West Berlin, October 1988: (M/F) This started as a prompt. One night of explicit sex. About 2780 words.

Explorations: The Husband: (F/M, BDSM, FDom) This is a bit different and involves consensual bondage and role play for a married couple. From the Husband’s Perspective.

Explorations: The Wife: (M/F, BDSM, MDom) A contuation. From the wife’s perspective.

Many of my stories are first published on Literotica.com under my name JPGmvny. Literotica has a broad range of erotica, including numerous romantic stories of the sort that I try to write. Here is a list of my favorite authors and stories.