Stella Evans

On July 18, 2019, Stella Evans awoke and knew that sometime during that day she would meet the person she would marry. The thought was so clear and so specific that she was thrilled to get out of bed and head to the loo.

Stella lived in a small flat in north London, shared with Scarlett Doherty. Each had her own room.

After Stella finished peeing and washing her hands, she headed down the short hallway to the kitchen. With the knowledge of her future that came upon her even before her eyes were open, she was determined to do nothing unusual during the day lest she put a hex on her fate. So as she did every day, even on weekends, she made a pot of tea and poured a bowl of Special K, which she doused with milk. She placed her tablet in a little stand so she could read it while she ate her cereal and drank her tea, occasionally grabbing it to hit “Like” or make a snarky comment on Twitter. Her Twitter handle is @Stellvans321

As happened each morning, shortly after Stella sat with her tea and her Special K, and her tablet, Scarlett came into the room and wished her flatmate a good morning. She took the cup and saucer that her flatmate had placed on the counter for her and poured her tea. She reached up and removed from the cabinet a bowl. She put Special K in her bowl, she, too, dousing it with milk before turning the creamer to her cup and putting a splash or so of milk in her coffee. As Scarlett turned from the counter, Stella closed and put her tablet down and to the side, and the two women spoke after Stella was comfortable at the table.

This was their routine, varying only on weekends and bank holidays, when each slept in a bit later than they did on workdays.

They followed this routine on July 18, 2019, and again on July 19, 2019.

And that latter day was the 412th in a row in which Stella Evans had a premonition before her eyes even opened in the morning that she would meet the person she would marry that day. July 20, 2019 was the next. And the last.

On July 21, 2019, a Sunday, Stella Evans awoke and knew that sometime during that day she would meet the person to whom she was married. She was careful in getting out of the bed so she could use the loo and not disturb her wife, who would be getting up in about fifteen minutes and joining Stella in the kitchen.