Playing Games

I got home on a Friday about a month after we were back from England. Sally was on the sofa. I knew her look. I put my bag down and sat next to her. After a kiss on her forehead, I asked, “What is it?”

After a pause. “Remember the first time you ate me on the sofa?”

“Of course. I loved it.”

“So did I. As I told you.”

“Remember at my parents’ house where I ordered you around.”

“I liked that too.”

“So did I.”

I had a sense where this was headed and I was not sure I liked it.

“Well, our sex lives don’t need spicing up. You know that, right?”

“I know that. Right.”

“But I had an idea.”

“Okay.” More like, “Ohhhhh Kay.”

“I wrote something about it. It’s on the bed. You’ll understand when you read it. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s fine. If it does. Well, you’ll know what to do.”

With that, she kissed the forehead on my confused face and went into the kitchen. I got up and after stopping in the bathroom went into our bedroom. Centered on the bed was a hand-written letter.

My Love,

Thank you for trusting me enough to read this letter.

There have been times when I have forced you to do things to my body that have been among the most pleasant things I have ever experienced. I believe that you found them pleasant too. Afterward, I sometimes felt guilty about having forced you to do something against your will. I will never do that. I understand that my control over you at those times is simply an aspect of our love for one another.

I know you think where this is going. You are wrong.

I want you to share in what I experienced and I want to share in what you experienced. If you are willing, until midnight. I will be your willing slave. I will do whatever you tell me to do. I will not do anything that you do not tell me to do.

I have done some reading on Master/slave relationships among loving couples. The rules are simple. You may order me to do ANYTHING. There will be no bondage and no pain infliction. Tonight. If at any time you wish to stop, you MUST do so. If at any time I wish to stop, I will say “RED.” If I do, you must STOP. We need to trust each other on this. I know you will stop if I tell you to. I need to know that you will stop if you want to.

For the evening, you will be “My Lady Eve.” While “Mistress Eve” is more traditional, I have read, I like the sound of “My Lady Eve” and I want to have it pass my lips as many times as possible before midnight.

It is traditional that a slave be called by a name she would otherwise despise. My middle name is Cindy. As your slave, I am “cin.” You may only refer to me as that or as your “pet.”

If you agree, I have put things in the top drawer for you. My only order to you is that you wear nothing but what is in that drawer. Except for one thing in that drawer. You will understand when you see it.

If you do not wish to continue, please read no further and we will speak of this no more.

With love, adoration, and subservience,


I read to the end.

She was right. I was not expecting this. I could hear her piddling around in the living room. I could not imagine how nervous she was. After a minute, I rose and opened the top drawer. It was empty except for lingerie, stockings, and a pair of my three-inch black heels. They were all in black. Next to them was a dog’s collar. It, too, was black. It had a note attached.

My Lady Eve,

If I am your slave, I must wear your collar as a sign of my subservience. If we proceed, hand this to me. I will make one request of you. I hope, to the bottom of my heart, that you agree to it.


The only other thing in the drawer was a lipstick. I opened it. It was bright red.

The lingerie consisted of silk panties, a garter belt, stockings, and a silk bra. The panties, however, had no crotch. The bra had no top; it would cover the bottom and not anything more of my boobs and, more important, it would not cover my nipples. I looked at myself in the mirror and decided to proceed.

When I was finally ready, I opened the door.

“Come here my pet.”

Fuck. She had closed the curtains and was naked as she walked towards me. Slowly. She held her hands behind her back, and she looked down as she did. The furniture was moved so there was an open space in the middle of the room.

“Look at me. cin.”

I think I detected the slightest hint of a smile as she raised her head. I held the collar across both my hands.

“I believe this is yours.”

“My Lady Eve. It is not mine. It is yours. Will you please allow me to wear your collar this evening?”

So that was the request she mentioned.

“Yes you may my pet.”

She put the collar around her neck and turned.

“Please secure your collar on your slave My Lady Eve.”

I did and she turned back to me, her head again down. Eyes locked on my crotch.

“Do you like what you see?” My God I felt powerful and I knew I was getting wet.

“I could not imagine a more beautiful sight than your body My Lady Eve.”

In that moment I knew that this was true and it was true of the body in front of me.

“Follow me to the living room.”

She’d had the foresight to place a sheet across the sofa. It would get messy.

I sat in the middle of the sofa.


She knelt in front of me as I spread my legs.

“You may approach. You may not touch. You must keep your hands behind your back.” I had read enough stories and seen enough videos to know what I was supposed to do.

Her eyes took on a glow I’d never seen before. It was pure lust and pure adoration. She’d not had the chance to gaze at a woman’s vagina the way I had that first time. Now it was hitting her. The perfection of my pussy.

She inched her way closer but stopped when she was about six inches away.

“You have made me wet, my pet. That pleases me. Can you smell me?”

“Yes My Lady Eve.”

I reached down with both hands and my fingers opened my petals to her.

“You may put your nose, and only your nose, to me to savor it.”

She did it in a flash and I could hear her inhaling.

“Worship her.”

That released her from her trance and suddenly her tongue was everywhere. Too much. Too fast.


She stopped. For a moment I was afraid she thought I was backing out.

“My pet. You are such a good pet. Your Lady needs to stop you or she will fall into the abyss and perhaps never return.”

I tapped her on her head as she sat back with her ass on her feet. Staring at my pussy. After I caught my breath and lifted my feet onto the sofa’s cushions to give her better access. To me.

“Resume.” And she resumed. More feverish than before. Everywhere. I’d put no restrictions on her and she would have disregarded them if I had. In, across. Biting. Her tongue ran across my perineum slightly and she stopped.

“You may.”

And her tongue continued to my anus. She lightly passed over it and it was a new, pleasant sensation for me. Dirty. I filed that bit of intel away. Now I was in a fever as she went back to my pussy and my clit. I wanted to stop her, to keep on the edge, but I could not. I had lost control and my thighs clasped her head as my hands grasped it into me as the greatest orgasm I’d ever known slammed into me.

I tapped her head, and she backed away. She’d been licking me through my coming. She again sat on her heels and again her eyes were locked on my pussy.

“cin. Let Your Lady taste herself on you.” The whole area around her mouth was covered in my juices. I licked as much of it as I could, returning some of it back to her with my tongue.

“You have pleased me my pet. You shall be rewarded.”

I walked to the bedroom and grabbed something from the third drawer. It was my vibe.

She was kneeling in the center of the living room, looking away from the bedroom. I circled her and turned. It was something I’d fantasized about.

“You may take care of yourself.”

There was a moment of hesitation in Sally’s eyes. She was not expecting this.

She took the vibrator from my hand.

“I wish to watch you.”

I turned and sat on the sofa. She did not know what to do.

“I wish to watch you satisfy yourself. You will look into my eyes while you do so.”

That jolted her back.

“Thank you My Lady Eve.”

She was embarrassed. We had both used it on ourselves when we were alone, although we never admitted it. I had noticed it had fresh batteries one day.

I stood. I walked to her and took it from her hand. Standing over her, I turned it on and inserted it into my pussy. I took it out.


She licked. It pushed her over. This was what she wanted to do.

“Please My Lady Eve. May I pleasure myself for you?”

“You may my pet.”

I handed her the vibrator and put a cushion under her head and returned to the sofa. I turned and when our eyes locked she lay on the floor with her legs spread, her pussy staring at me.

She went into a mad frenzy. Her pussy was drenched and she shoved the vibe in and out with ever-increasing speed and with both hands. She was manic but could not make it.

“Please My Lady Eve. Tell me. TELL ME.”

I waited several beats, her eyes large. “Come my pet. Come.”

She wallowed on the floor, breaking eye contact as she did, screaming. As she did, I too came. My fingers found their way to my clit while she was displaying herself and I quietly came as she loudly did.

I got up and lay down next to her. It was only 9:38.

“My pet. That is enough for tonight.”


“No buts. Come with me to the bedroom so we can make love. Sally.”

“I love you Eve.”

“I know you do. And I love you.”

The spell was broken. I was exhausted. We got into bed and we kissed gently and we rubbed each other gently and we came within thirty seconds of one another.

As we lay together after, we talked about it. Sally said it was and it wasn’t what she’d expected.

“I loved being told what to do and doing it to you. That’s why I came so violently. Probably more than ever for me. I’m sorry I was hesitant.”

I kissed her. “That was fine. You weren’t expecting it. I was winging it. Although I have read a bit about it.”

“I could tell. You caught on very quickly. It’s just that I’d like to do it again. Both ways. But just for fun. I prefer being your lover and not your slave.”

When she said this, I realized she still wore the collar.

“Let me get this off,” and it was gone. I stood and undressed. “After we wash this, let’s put it all away for a while. I don’t like ordering you around. I don’t think it’s for us. Right now at least.”

“I love you Eve.”

“No. You can still call my ‘Your Lady Eve.’ That part I’ll always like.”

“You’ll always be my Lady Eve. Just never call me ‘cin’ again.”

In the bedlam, we’d forgotten dinner. So we ordered Thai delivered and we ate while we watched a movie on Netflix.

About three minutes after the lights were out, Sally said, “What about a strap-on?”

“We’ll talk about it in the morning.”

*    *    *    *

The next weekend we headed down to the West Village. To a sex shop. We’d done some preliminary scouting online, but were not prepared to see the rows of sex toys. A sales clerk, a woman, came up to us.

“Please let me help you.”

Our newness was obvious. I said we were a couple and were looking for some “toys, maybe a strap-on.” After confirming that we had never used one, or pretty much anything else, she showed us several options. We bought a harness and three dildos in three sizes. Yellow, red, and black.

*    *    *    *

We flipped for it. The winner got to decide. Top or bottom. This time we had done our research together, including videos, and were confident we knew what we were doing.

She won the toss. She held the damn thing in her hand. As if she were weighing it. We were naked sitting on the bed. She looked at me and then back at “him.” It was the yellow one. The smallest. It had a small dildo that went into the wearer’s vagina.

I think she was unsure. Finally, she handed it to me. “Fuck me.” And she lay on her back with her legs spread and her knees up. Before doing anything with him, I bent down to lick her and she was quickly wet enough. I put the harness around me and attached him. I put lube on him. I was atop her. She’d been fucked by men. So had I. But I’d never, well, fucked someone with me having a cock.

“Ready?” She nodded.

I lowered myself to her and she guided me in. After a few, slow movements I was fully in her. I looked to see it. It was a glorious sight. I was like that briefly as I lowered my chest to hers and my lips to hers. After a peck I raised myself.


“Fuck me, Love.”

I began to thrust my hips. It was a strange feeling for me, to be fucking someone like this. But it was very nice. My arms were straight on either side of her chest as I rocked in and out of her.


I obliged insofar as I could, given that I’d never done this before. But we were both soon into the swing of things and both of us were moaning. I felt her legs encircle my thighs to pull me in deeper and control my pace, slowing me down, lengthening my thrusts. Our eyes locked.

Having the albeit artificial connection to my love was bliss itself. When she began to shake, I thrust as deeply into her as I could and held it until the storm passed as she gripped my ass to her as tightly as she could. She relaxed her arms when she was done but said, “stay in me” and I did for several minutes, removing him only after we kissed mildly for two or three minutes. I then rolled onto my side and she reached to touch him. She took a breath and lifted herself up and placed her mouth over him to taste herself. She was forever doing erotic things to me and this was among the best, heightened by her turning and getting atop me and spreading her juices in my mouth with her tongue.

She fell back.

“My turn. Prepare to be boarded.” She hurried to unstrap the strap-on and grabbed some lube. “I don’t have to clean it first do I?” The thought of her juices mingling with mine led to an immediate “don’t you dare” and she coated him after strapping herself in. I was silent. The sight of this beautiful woman naked wearing a dick and staring at me as she approached, my legs involuntarily spreading for them, would kill a woman with a weaker heart.

I reached my arms and waved her in.

“Please Sally. I need you inside me.”

And she wasted no time getting inside me and she repeated what I had done, perhaps with more vigor. We were both sweating and swearing and grabbing as she pounded me. Her slight dom-side came through as she did, and it frightened me for a moment until I realized it was unbridled lust seeking to pleasure me, that in that moment her existence and her strength and power existed solely to pleasure me.

I was primed but had not come when I wore the strap-on. Now my existence was solely in my pussy and in the connection it had with my love. I latched onto her ass as I pulled him in me and made her fight to pull out which resulted in increasing the force of her thrusts. Without warning I lost complete control over my body, spasming beneath Sally who somehow increased the ferocity of her pounding me until I was finally able to scream “STOP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP,” not caring who heard me.

She slowly removed herself and leaned down to give me the most wonderful kiss, her tongue passing through my passive lips as she gently circled my mouth, just gently enough to permit me to catch my breath. When I awoke, she was sleeping beside me. The bed a mixture of our juices. The dildo obscenely hard and dangling from her waist. I ran my fingers along it and tasted myself mixed with the lube. When I awoke some hours later, I was under the blanket and in my nightie and Sally’s right arm was around me, her hand dangerously close to my left boob. I reached and pulled her arm closer and drifted off again to dreams that could never match what just happened between us.

At breakfast, we spoke about it. Sally was afraid that she’d gone too far in how she took me. I assured her that she had not. From that night on, though, we realized that the strap-on had some special power and that it would be used with care. I, too, learned to use it to channel my desire to pleasure my love.