USAF New Recruit’s Ch. 02

 USAF – The United States Air Force 1984 (New Recruits) part 2

Continuation of USAF New Recruit’s Ch. 01 / USAF – The United States Air Force 1984 (New Recruits) part 1.

A true story about my adventures while in the United States Air Force. I recently located an old journal that I had stored away many years ago. Within this journal, I found some memorable sexual encounters. After reading my journal, it refreshed my memory of a few sexual escapades. 

Once I had gotten comfortable in my bed, I believe I went straight to sleep; the day had been mentally and physically tiring. The next morning I woke up refreshed and took a quick shower. While getting dressed, I heard Jeff step into the bathroom and taking one of his famous racehorse pisses. Soon as he finished, I knocked on the bathroom door, told him to relax, and not to worry about today, today will be nothing like Basic or Technical Training.

I see my door opening and hear Jeff. “Thanks for the help yesterday.”

As Jeff was talking, I turned to see him stepping out of our adjoining bathroom butt ass naked into my room. I stood there while he was talking, trying not to be so apparent while checking him out. I saw the telltale dried opaque cum stains on his upper torso and stomach. Jeff caught me staring at his chest and asked, “What are you staring at.”

 I had no words to redirect the question quickly; I was speechless with the evidence before me. I looked up and told Jeff it looks like you dripped vanilla ice cream on his chest last night, and it dried out.

Jeff looks down, sees the opaque stains, and quickly says with a grinning smirk of his face, “Oh looks similar to the stains on your bedspread.” 

I was beyond speechless; Jeff spins around and waltzes to his room as if he had just conquered the world. 

As I was getting dressed, Jeff popped back into my room half-dressed, “I don’t know when I’ll be back today, but I need to go into town this evening and hope you can go with me.”

I told Jeff, “no problem, I should be back around 4:30, I’ll either be here or across the street at the bowling alley.”

I had a busy and productive day, and my Flight Sergeant allowed me to leave 45 minutes early. On my way to the dorm, I noticed Jeff’s car was not there, so I took advantage of that and went to the Base Commissary for a few items. When I returned to the dorm, I spotted Jeff’s car in the parking lot.

I unlock my door, and I made sure the door did not slam shut, but let it slowly ease closed. I sat my bags down, put the beer in the refrigerator, and got one out. I removed my uniform and slipped a swimsuit on that I liked to lounge around in. I do not recall why I was trying to be extra quiet. My bathroom door was slightly opened; I eased the door open and saw that Jeff’s door was wide open. 

He had his radio on and playing light rock music; as I eased into the bathroom, I saw his legs on the bed. Curiosity had me now, I tried listening, but the radio prevented me from hearing anything. I kept easing closer and closer to the door. As I advanced, I was able to see more and more of him until I saw he had his underwear on and was relaxing with eyes closed. Not wanting to spook him, I eased back out of the bathroom, opened my dorm door, and let it shut. I deliberately made noise to let Jeff know I was back.

I opened the beer I had gotten out a few minutes earlier and took a few swigs. Eased back in my chair and turned the TV on. Sat there about 10 minutes and got up to take a piss. I did not sneak around; I just walked into the bathroom and urinated. I flushed the commode, making sure Jeff knew I was back. 

Jeff calls out, “Hey, how did your day go.”

“Great, except I kind of hurt my back a little, how was yours.”

“Easier than expected.”

I figured since we were talking between rooms, I did not need to knock, so I walked into his dorm room, the sight of him lying on his bed naked was like an electric shock. Earlier Jeff had his underwear on, but now he was naked. His cock was resting on his balls. The sight of his cock was ecstatic to me, and it was apparent Jeff trimmed his pubic hair and shaved his balls. 

I quickly regained myself and said, “Do you want to run into town now or wait.”

“Now is fine, maybe even have dinner while there, I need to shower off first,” Jeff replied.

“Sound likes a plan; you can go first.” I was not sure, but I swear Jeff removed his underwear on purpose, hoping I would see him naked. 

I waited for Jeff to finish showering, and after a few minutes, the shower turns off. 

Jeff sticks his head in the door and says, “All yours.”

I removed my bathing suit and grabbed my towel on the way to the shower. As I stepped into the bathroom, Jeff is standing in his room butt ass naked; damn, he has a beautiful ass. Of course, soon as my eyes locked in on his muscular curved ass, my cock started growing. 

Before I could react with my eyes glued to his ass, Jeff spun around. As he was turning, he was also advancing towards the bathroom and started speaking, “let me get my soap and stuff (…) out of the shower”.

Jeff caught me literally with my pants down, and I had no exit plan in place or means to divert his attention.

“Damn dude; careful where you point that thing.” He grabbed his stuff and acted as if he accidentally bumped into me. However, I knew that look on his face meant the bump was not an accident.

I finished my shower and slightly dried off while standing in the shower. I stepped out of the shower and took my time drying my legs and feet. I thought I caught Jeff watching me but was not positive. I went over towards my bed and started getting dressed. Once we are both dressed, we took my car and drove into town.

Jeff started the conversation with “Thanks for yesterday; I didn’t have a clue what to expect today. (…) We need to be careful with our teasing and other things.” 

I was not sure what other things meant, so I asked, “what other things.”

Jeff looked straight ahead like he was scared or embarrassed to say everything. “Don’t bullshit me; you know what I’m talking about. I didn’t mean to walk in on you yesterday after I took my bath.”

“Jeff, you’ve either knocked or called out every time you’ve come into my room, I don’t have a problem with you.”

He looks over, shaking his head from side to side “yes, I did; (…) you loaned me some soap and shampoo yesterday, and I promptly tried to return your bathe bag.” 

As I was driving down the road, I started to realize where this conversation was going. “I know you brought it back, I just don’t remember when.”

Jeff looks over with a sly look, “Well, I’m sorry I walked in on you without knocking.”

“When did you return it, I don’t remember you coming in on me.”

“Really,” Jeff said.

 I just nodded my head no. I did not know and waited for Jeff to explain. “I brought it back soon as I finished my shower (…) I opened your door without knocking (…), and I saw you (…) don’t freak out, but I saw you lying on your bed.”

I do not know if I was ashamed, embarrassed, or what. I did not even know how to respond. I looked over at Jeff and told him, “Hell, all guys masturbate if that’s what you’re talking about. To be honest, you weren’t the first to catch me; my cousin caught me years ago”.

I sat there, wondering what Jeff thought when he saw me lying on my bed but was too embarrassed to ask. 

I saw Jeff turn his head in my direction and thanked me for understanding. I sat there thinking about all this, and all the pieces were coming together. “Jeff, I suspected you knew I masturbated. I saw you looking at my bedspread, and you had to have seen the KY in my bathe bag. So, let us not worry about this. It’s something we both do; we just need to respect each other’s privacy.”

 I felt guilty for watching Jeff jerking off last night and did not turn away and give him his privacy. 

Dinner was great; we stopped by the Mall before heading back towards the base. On our way back, I stopped at a drug store to buy some Tylenol. Jeff followed me in, and it took a few minutes for me to shop for a few items while trying to get away from Jeff, I needed some new lube since Jeff had claimed mine.

Today had been tough at work, and my lower back had been uncomfortable all evening. Jeff had noticed when I was getting in and out of the car and gave me a hard time.  

We get to our rooms; I turn the TV on and found the MTV channel. Crawled onto the bed to watch TV and relax while drinking my beer. After a few video’s, Jeff came over and asked if he could watch, I asked if he wanted a beer and told him to get us both one.

Jeff handed me a beer and flopped down in the chair. After about the fifth or sixth music video, my beer was empty. As I went to get up, I twisted wrong, and I eased back down. Jeff looked over and asked if I was ok. 

A video came on I had never seen and had some hot college guys wearing speedos while swimming. Jeff figured out the storyline behind the song, Bronski Beat, Smalltown Boy. It was about a young gay man’s need to leave his small town and find acceptance. 

I casually mentioned that we should go to the base pool tomorrow, hang out, and catch some rays. Jeff looks over and says, “Can I wear my Speedo, or is that frowned upon.”

I kind of laughed and said, “If you’re brave enough, I don’t see why not, the girls wear bikinis, so I don’t see why not,” thinking Jeff was just joking.

A few minutes later, Jeff stands up and goes to his room, saying he was going to go put some shorts on and get out of his jeans; I thought about doing the same but was comfortable. While Jeff was gone, I got us both another beer and pulled my bottle of Jack Daniels out of the closet for a double shot, and went back to my bed. After I drank the whiskey, I naturally had to shake my head from the shock to my taste buds. 

The shot of whiskey was well-timed and not wasted, soon as I sat the empty glass down, Jeff appeared at the bathroom door in a banana yellow skin-tight speedo. 

Jeff stood there with a witty grim and said, “do you think anybody will say anything about me wearing this tomorrow.”

My god, he was beautiful standing there, the color of yellow done wonders with his complexion, and the design hugged his hips just right. His bulge was well defined, and I swear I could make out the ridged band from the ring of the foreskin around his cock. I was literally dumbstruck from the site before me.

Jeff was waiting for an answer because he asked the second time, “What do you think (…) should I wear it or just a regular swimsuit.”

Jeff could not wear that speedo, there was no way I could possibly handle seeing him at the pool. His bulge was just too predominant wearing his speedo; I would have to take an extra towel to cover myself. 

I had to say something, so I told Jeff, “Wear it; you might catch a few hot babes.”

 Jeff smiled as if it was a dare or something, sat back down, and open his beer.

Seeing Jeff in his speedo with his legs spread was wild. I definitely was going too masturbating tonight and use my dildo. My mind quickly fantasized about him and the speedo. I saw myself reaching out, caressing his bulge, slowly hooking my fingers on the waistband, and slowly pealing the speedo down.

Jeff wanted some potato chips and asked if I wanted to walk to the Base Commissary with him. I passed but asked him to pick up some Tylenol since I had forgotten them earlier. He went over to his room and got dressed. I heard Jeff leave and knew I had time to take a quick shower and douche myself since I was planning to masturbate and use my dildo afterward. I was also hoping Jeff would not want to hang out much longer when he returned. 

I finished my shower and put my shorts on, went into my locked closet and retrieved my dildo, and hid it along with the KY in an old t-shirt; and placed it on the shelf of my nightstand for later. He comes back into my room with two bowls of chips; he gives me one of the containers and my Tylenol. Jeff is sitting down when he noticed the whiskey on the counter and looked over with a smirk of his face.

I just nodded and said, “go ahead and have a shot, there are a few small glasses on the shelf below.” 

Jeff takes a glass, pours about two fingers of Jack into the glass, and takes his seat. He takes his first sip, then turns it up and swallows the contents. Looks over and says, “wow, been a while since I’ve had any Jack, thanks that hit the spot.” 

“Just go easy on it because we don’t need anybody knowing that I shared it and the beer with you. That would get my ass in a lot of trouble.” 

Jeff said, “not going to be an issue, but I do appreciate it, and I’ll gladly kick in some cash to make it fair and all.”

My back is just a little sore and aggravating to me. As I had gotten up, Jeff noticed I was moving slow. He mentioned I should find a massage therapist or chiropractor tomorrow to work the kinks out of my back.

“It’s feeling better and relaxing is helping a lot, you might be right. Heck, even getting into the pool tomorrow may help.”  

Jeff just smiled and kind of laughed. “Guess I’ll be wearing my speedo then.”

Jeff had a way of making our conversations fun and always wondering what he is going to joke about next. As I was getting onto the bed, I said, “I shouldn’t have tried lifting that fucking box by myself today.”

I had just finished my whiskey, and as usual, I shook my head when the whiskey hit my taste buds.

Jeff asked, “You’re back hurting again.” 

Before I could say no and that it was from the whiskey, Jeff gets up and walks over to the bed. “Ok, lay on your stomach, I’ll try rubbing your lower back some, it might help. I’ve seen my mother rub my dad’s back when his was sore.”

I tried explaining to Jeff that whiskey always makes me shake my head. 

“Bullshit Craig, now roll over stubborn.”

I roll over, and Jeff knelt down and started rubbing my back. As he is somewhat massaging and rubbing, he hits a tender area, and a light moaning sound admits from my throat.

 He works the area a few more times and says, “Hold on, I want to get some lotion to help my hands slide easier.”

Jeff comes back from his room with regular hand lotion and starts rubbing my back. He stops and gets two of my towels; he throws one at me and takes the other to the shower. He is holding the towel under hot water and telling me, “I’m going to place this towel on your back a few minutes. Go ahead and remove your shorts and cover yourself with the towel to keep your shorts from getting wet.” 

We have both seen each other naked, and even if he did not really know how to give a massage, it did feel good. I rolled onto my side and removed my shorts, rolled back over and covered my lower back and butt with the towel.

Jeff came back into the room with a hot wet towel and placed it in my microwave for about 20 seconds. He folds the towel, pulls the towel covering my back down to my waist, and puts the hot towel on my lower back “Lay there a few minutes, and it will loosen you up.”

I thought to myself and slightly giggled, “I’d be doing that soon enough once he goes to his room.”

Jeff went to his room and came back over but stopped at the bathroom door. He asked, “be honest with me, should I or shouldn’t I wear my yellow bathing suit tomorrow.” 

I turned my head to face him and told him, “If you feel comfortable wearing it, then wear it. I have seen no signs or ever heard anybody say a guy cannot wear a speedo at the base pool. I have seen little kids wearing them, so I guess you can. 

Jeff just stood there as if his mind is running a hundred miles an hour. “I’m comfortable wearing it, but I haven’t worn it since I joined the Air Force (…) besides, I’m not some little six-year-old kid.”

I looked over and said, “It sounds like you’re not comfortable then.” 

“No, I’m comfortable.” I could tell by his tone that he had gotten aggravated.

I took the opportunity and decided to play with his ego a little, “Ok, then wear it; I think you’re just being a chicken and scared too.” The whole time we are talking about his speedo, I am hoping he does not wear it when we go to the pool. 

Jeff looked straight at me and said, “Chicken, what you mean by that.”

I realize I might be treading dangerous grounds teasing him, “It means; you say you’re comfortable wearing it but have asked me 3 times if you should or shouldn’t wear it.”

While Jeff is staring at me, he raises his voice, “I’m not fucking chicken, just concerned others may not like me wearing it.”  

I spoke without thinking, “Fuck what other people think. It is obvious you like wearing it, and you definitely can wear it better than others can. Besides, it defines your body better than it would define mine.”

Jeff kind of smiles and said, “defines,” turns around, and goes over to his room and promptly reappeared at the door and asks, “What does define mean.”

Fuck, he’s standing there in the speedo and asks again. “What does define mean.”

If he had any idea what he was doing, he would not be wearing his speedo. I am trying to put my thoughts into words that would not come out as gay or sexual. “Define means: your body structure, it defines your body well.”

Jeff is not satisfied and continues asking questions, “What do you mean.”

“Fuck, Jeff, the bathing suit fits your body shape well.”

As I lay there on my belly, his crotch is almost eye level, and I definitely see the outline of his cock and the foreskin ring below the head of his cock. Jeff finally gives up or accepts my explanation and asked if the moist towel helped.

It had helped more than I thought but had cooled down after our little verbal dispute over the definition of the word defines. “Yes, it helped but has cooled down and probably needs to be warmed back up.”

Jeff moves over, removes the wet towel, and sits down on the side of the bed. I heard him squirt some lotion in his hand, and he starts rubbing it on my lower back for a few minutes. Soon as I was somewhat starting to enjoy his rubbing, he says, “Hold on, I’ve got something else in my room that will work better.”

As he starts to get up, I do not know if it is my stupidity, ignorance, or just badass luck. I see Jeff reaching out to grabs the old t-shirt on my nightstand and saying, “Is it ok if I wipe my hands on this.” 

I barely got my hand to the old t-shirt to stop him from picking it up any further and blurted out “NO” a lot louder than I wished I had.

Jeff let go, and it dropped a few inches, any fool would have heard the thump sound it made when it fell back to the table “Not that t-shirt I’m wearing it when I go to bed.”

Jeff has a peculiar look on his face as he goes to his room. Soon as he is out of my sight, I make sure everything was hidden in the t-shirt. Fuck, I hope he did not see that the toy.

Jeff comes back and gets on the bed, except this time he is straddling my legs and kneels beside my knees. He is working on my lower back area and actually doing a good job. He has got my legs pinned together, and I am starting to get a little uncomfortable in that position. I mention it to Jeff, and he says, “I need reposition so you can get comfortable then.”

 Soon as he starts moving, I realized what he was going to do. He rises up and uses his hands to persuade me to spread my legs apart a little. He dropped his left knee between my legs and pushed my left leg out further, and then places his other leg against my right leg and pushes that leg out. I am lying there thinking what the hell, last time I was it this situation was before joining the Air Force. The memories of the last time that I was in this position started flooding in. I felt my cock beginning to crawl underneath me. 

Jeff went right back to work on my back, and I was trying to get my mind somewhere else, but I felt his hand move down and closer to my butt. I hear Jeff say, “I’m going to pull the towel down a bit, so the lotion doesn’t get on the towel and stain it.”

I feel him pulling the towel down past my upper portion of my butt, and naturally, I reached back to check. Jeff said, “don’t worry, your ass isn’t showing that much.”

As he is working on my back, he starts folding the upper portion of the towel over the lower end. I am not too concerned because I can feel the towel touching well below my butt. I had relaxed and was trying to keep my mind off the position we are in. However, the thought of him kneeling behind me just keeps coming back to me.

Jeff is kneeling between my legs, in his yellow speedo, and only a towel folded in half covering me. That was the thought I was trying not to imagine. I feel the blood starting to rush into my cock and nothing I can do would stop it.

He could not see that I was erect since I was covered. This was just too much happening and needed a shot or two of whiskey, maybe it would help calm me.

I felt Jeff remove his hands, and I asked him, “can I get two fingers (…) of whiskey.” 

My mind crashed, and I hope Jeff does not take my words and twist them around; he is an expert at turning words around in a joking manner. 

Jeff asks, “What was that.” 

I politely ask, “For two shots of whiskey.” As Jeff gets up, he reaches for my glass, and I wished I had not gotten my toy out so soon. 

Jeff hands me my two shots of Jack, and I slightly rise up off my chest to take a sip on whiskey. His yellow speedo is all I can see as I take the glass and sip. Jeff is just standing there with his gratifying bulge mere two feet from my face. I took a second sip and diverted my look at his bright blue seductive eyes. I emptied the glass, and I see the outline of his cock. I notice a change in his bulging speedo and can see that his cock is a little fatter, or was it my wishful desires making me think that. I sat the glass down, Jeff asked, “did you enjoy the three fingers.” and let out a few almost silent chuckles.

I heard him let out his cocky little laugh but chose to ignore him. He picked up my glass and poured us both more whiskey. He brings the glass over and sits it on the nightstand. I look up, and he turns his up and swallows it all. I have had enough and needed a mental break, and I asked if he was done.

He said it was my call. “If you think it will help, I’ll massage some more, or you can go take a shower to rinse the stuff off your back.”

There is no way I am getting up from my bed; I know there is a wet spot where my cock has leaking pre-cum. I tell him I am just going to lay here a minute and let the whiskey work on me. Jeff picks the wet towel from the floor and turns my table lamp on. I hear him turn the shower on and he walks over to the door to the hallway and turns the overhead ceiling light off.

There is no need for you to get back up; I will wipe off your back, so it does not get on your bed. Jeff literally gets back in the same position as before. I confused that I am both mad and pleased at the same time. I desire his attention and wanting him to go to his room at the same time. 

Jeff lays the towel on my back and said, “Damn, that’s uncomfortable,” and pushes both his knees out, which moved my legs out. He unfolds the warn towel on my back, and I feel the warmth on my lower back. I felt the towel slowly uncovering my butt and the moist towel taking its place. 

He started at my upper back and rubbing his hands on the towel kind of massaging as he moved his hands around. He stops and folds to towel back where it exposes my upper back. He starts rubbing my upper back and keeps folding the towel as he goes lower. I am relaxing and calming down from massaging. I guessed the whiskey was doing its trick because I was relaxed. I think I had nodded off when he asked. “You ok.” 

“Yes, just enjoying this.”

He applied more lotion into his hands, makes a quick wipe from my lower to upper back, and says, “Good, I’m almost done. Let me know if I need to stop.”

I feel him place his hands at the lowest portion of my back and slowly starts moving up, his hands never stop, he reaches my neck, and his hands move to my shoulders and down my sides. He runs his hands back up my back, and he was near my shoulders; I felt his stomach on my butt.

Jeff asked, “That ok or not.”

I nodded my head, “yes.” He kept sliding his hands up and down, and his stomach kept sliding up over my butt, he eases his hands back down my sides, brings them up onto my butt. He slides his hands back up, and his stomach brushes my butt cheeks. As he started moving his hands back down, I eased my legs apart, I wanted to see if he reacted. He brings his hands up over the lowest of my cheeks, and he slightly kneads my butt as he starts moving up.

I hear him say, “I can stop if you wish.”

I guess it was just natural, but I spread my legs more, and he moved his hands to my neck and shoulders. I felt his bulge touch my ass again. I naturally pushed my hips up and felt the pressure. His hands are sliding up, I do not feel his chest, and I was disappointed somewhat. I felt his bulge bumping into my ass; I pushed my knees out, which gave him more room. I eased my butt up and felt his bulge more.

I feel him lower himself, and I hear him whisper, “you sure about this, I just want to tease you a little (…) or do I need to stop.”

I wanted him from the day we met but too scared of the situation. I was afraid and trying to just enjoy it.

I am stunned by all the excitement. I had tried speaking twice before words would come out, “Don’t stop.”

He eases his hands further up my back, and I felt his cock bulge rubbing against my cheeks.

His hands come back down the center, his thumbs took a course down the center of my butt, and I spread myself even wider. I feel the lotion land above my hole, and his thumb works it down until he is pressing against my hole. I am trying to figure out how to ask him to use lube and not lotion, I did not know it the cream would sting or burn me. I felt a finger brush my hole. He eases back up with his hands, and I felt his bulging cock under his speedos. I asked Jeff, “are you sure about this.”

Jeff was quick to say “yes,” he gave me a visual confirmation when he placed his yellow speedo beside my face,

He was kneeling between my legs, and felt his stomach on my ass and easing forward; I was anticipating when and where I would feel his cock. I felt his shaft slide up the center of my ass. Soon as the head of his cock touched my hole, I trembled just a little. I heard Jeff whispered, “If too much, I can ease up; I just want to tease you a bit more. I know we can’t do it now, maybe next time you’ll be ready.”

Jeff did not know that I had taken a shower and done a quick douche while he was gone to the store. I had planned to masturbate and use my dildo once he left. “No, it’s great, but worried the lotion may sting or burn if it gets inside me by accident.”

Jeff had stopped moving, and the head of his cock was lightly pressing against my hole. I felt the heat from the head of his cock against my ass. Jeff whispered, “I stopped using the lotion earlier and started using KY lubricant that I took out of your bag last night. Besides, we can’t go all the way tonight since you hadn’t had time to prep.”

 Jeff’s cock felt amazing nestled up against my ass, and apparent he preferred a clean bottom when he fucked and was willing to wait. He did not know, but he was going to be fucking me shortly, and I was going to tease him until his cock was in me. I just needed to get myself lubed up because it had been a while. Besides, his cock was bigger than the last few I had before I enlisted in the military. 

I tried to twist my head around where I could see him, but could not. Therefore, I whispered back at him, “Great, I was afraid you were using lotion.”

Jeff slowly moved his cock up and down my ass and gave more pressure when his cock neared my hole. After a minute or two, he eased back, I felt his hands on my ass, and he starts teasing me. He moved his left palm to my ass cheek and spread my ass open; I felt his wet thump touch my hole and tease the outside. I take advantage of this and whisper. “Use some lube and tease me just a little deeper.” 

I tried and was able to make my bottom make a slight grinding motion letting him know I was enjoying what he was doing. I thought he would have used a finger, I heard him squirt some KY and felt it drip and land on my ass. Jeff circled his thumb around, and he eased his thumb slightly inside me but not enough. This time my body made the grinding motion with my hip naturally, and my throat made a grumbling sound of satisfaction. 

Jeff realized what I wanted, and I felt his thumb ease deeper into my ass until my sphincter latched around his thump. I had to let him know how that felt, “oh, that feels good,” 

I started grinding my hips, hoping he would explore more with his thumb, and that he did. I savored the moment. He had me loosened and lubed up from his thumb action and craving more now. Jeff removed his hands and lowered himself onto me; he eased forward until the shaft of his cock was pressed against me. He humped his hips up and down, sliding the head of his cock between my balls and waiting hole. He raised himself up and started teasing me with his mushroom-headed cock.

As he teased me, I found myself humping my bed and pleasuring my own cock that was trapped between my stomach and bed. 

He leans down a little and whispers, “let me know if I go too far.”

I felt Jeff move his left hand between us and apparently gripped his cock with his hand. With a little more pressure, he started working my hole with the head of his cock. His sexual desires were building up, and the head of his cock slightly pressed into me, he felt amazing, and I was not complaining.

I was beyond ready, and even if Jeff was not, his desires were now taking control. I was amazed at how much self-control he had. 

I turn my head and lean back to see his face, and he looks down at me. I smiled, and he smiled back, I felt him ease the head of his cock in a bit more and then studied my face. I remembered saying, “just a little more.” 

Jeff eased a bit more in, and I could now tell we were going to need more lubricant due to his size. “Maybe just a little more lube.” 

Jeff eased himself back and squirted some KY, I can tell he was lubing the head of his cock and made a few jerking motions on his shaft. While he was jerking his cock, he asked, “You need lube too.”

I nodded my head yes and said, “please and enough so I can enjoy the head of your cock if you can work it in.”

Jeff’s eye got big and his smile even more prominent, and squirted some KY on his thumb. He placed his thumb on my hole and eased it in until my hole sucked his thumb in; once inside, he made a few quick twisting motions that lubed me up well. 

Jeff got back in position and returned the head of his cock against my hole and eased in with pressure, he probably only had half his head inside when he asked “too much.”

“No, not yet,” I said or thought I said.

He used his hand to manipulate his cock, and I felt my hole expand a bit, and the head of his cock eased in a bit more. I could feel his breathing increase because his cock was almost inside me. I asked him, “Do that again and use a little more pressure.”

Jeff wiggled his hand, which shook the head of his cock; I felt the head of his fat cock slowly ease inside and stopped when my sphincter gripped the end of his cock head. Jeff somewhat jerked back, and luckily his cock remained in place. He quickly said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to go that far.”

I purposely clenched my ass a few times to keep him inside. “Relax, you know what I want, and I know what you want, you just have to be easy at first.”

Are you sure you want to do this you haven’t had time to prep.”

 “Jeff, I had planned.” I reached over and pulled my dildo out from the old t-shirt. 

“While you were to the store, I took a shower and douched so I could use this.” I held the dildo up for Jeff to see.

The smile on Jeff’s face changed, and he said. “You’re clean.”

Before I could respond, I felt Jeff pressing in and the pressure building. He kept pushing until my sphincter released its grip, and his cock started sinking into me. Once he had bottomed out, he gave me about a dozen slow full strokes, which gave me time to adjust to his girth.

He pulled back until I felt the head of his cock press against the inside of my sphincter and slammed his self into me. Jeff kept this pace up until I made him stop because he was making me feel too good.

“Jeff, I need to roll over, my cock is trapped beneath me.”

Jeff eased himself out and got up and grabs two pillows, and wrapped them in a towel. He got between my legs and places my legs on his shoulders and starts’ raising me up, as my ass rises up, he shoves the pillows under me and lowers me back to the bed. 

Jeff moves his body in closer while holding his cock in his hand and starts teasing me. He eased forward, and I felt the head of his cock ease in. He continues leaning forward and allowing me time to become comfortable. Jeff never looked away, just looked me in dead in the eyes. I do not know how long he fucked me, probably not too long since I was his first piece of ass in 6 months. 

His stroking slowed down, but the force had increased. I knew he was getting close. His breathing was getting louder, and his stroking was getting stronger. He pulled his dick out until my ass gripped the head of his cock.

He slammed forwarded and gave me seven or eight of the hardest pounding strokes of the night. Soon as I heard him breathing in a grunting sound, I felt the heat of his sperm splash inside me. That was all it took for my own cock to erupt. Jeff got the first blast of cum to his throat, and the second shot to his chin. Jeff kept fucking until I had stopped cumming.

Jeff got up first and rinsed off in the shower after he stepped out he poured himself a shot and I grabbed my grey bag and closed the bathroom door behind me. I showered off and done a quick rinse to wash Jeff’s cum from my depths. 

I go into the room, and Jeff is still naked sitting in the chair. I pulled my covers back and crawled in my bed to finish recovering. Jeff looks over and says, “When I saw you the first day. I knew there was something special about you. It took me some time to figure out you were gay.”

I admitted the same and told on myself for sneaking around and watching him masturbate last night. Jeff grins real big and said. “I know I saw you trying to be sneaky.”

We talked about being careful because if we are caught, they will kick our asses out of the Air Force. We talked a good hour and amazed at how things had unfolded. Jeff kept moving and re-adjusting in the chair until I told him to come to get beside me.

It was not long before I rolled on my side, and he eased up and spooned me until we both drifted off to sleep. I woke about an hour later, got up, latched my privacy lock, went over to Jeff’s room, and locked his. I came back to get in bed and saw that Jeff’s cock was half-hard in his sleep. The site of him sound asleep in my bed with a half boner was fucking hot. I wanted to drop down and suck his cock but did not want to wake him. 

I stood there, wondering if I could tease him and make his cock harder. I grabbed the KY and lubed my hole up and put some KY in my palm, and warmed it up with my breath. I carefully started rubbing some KY on his cock. 

I eased back into bed and backed up until we were spooning. I took my hand, pulled my ass cheeks open, and adjusted until I felt Jeff’s cock, and slowly moved my ass and enjoyed it. Once his cock was between my cheeks, I was able to clinch my butt and massage his cock. It was not long before I felt his cock getting hard. As his cock got hard, I started to hump his cock until he was rock hard. I had to reach around to hold his cock in place, but I managed to get the head in me. I laid there enjoying the feeling and gave just enough movements to help keep him hard, I don’t know if it was my ass keeping him erect or he had a piss hard-on.

After about five minutes, I eased myself back to get more cock inside me. I was moving my hips and getting two or three inches, and it felt great. As I laid there fucking myself on Jeff’s cock, I felt him move. I felt his cock expand and heard a low moan come from Jeff. His cock continued growing; I felt his body move towards me, and his cock sliding up in me as his body moved.

 I heard, “are you awake.”

Yes, I’m awake, how could someone sleep with a cock like you’re inside them.”

Jeff placed his right hand on my shoulder and pushed me until I was on my belly. I guess the excitement of waking up and finding your cock buried in a guy’s ass was too much. No slow stroking or teasing, just forcing his cock inside me as if I was his bitch. He felt terrific; the aggression was amazingly gratifying even if a little uncomfortable. Jeff kept his forced fucking until I asked him for some more lube. He reached for the lube and started teasing my ass with a finger. Once one finger had lubed me up, I felt a second finger join in, and he was making sure I was primed and ready.  

Jeff worked my hole for a minute or two before he eased himself up behind me. He used his hands to lift my hips off the bed and told me, “Use your knees to support yourself and keep your ass up.”

I was kneeling on the bed in the doggy style position. Jeff placed the palm of his hands on my ass, and the next thing I felt was his face on my ass cheeks. He was the first person to pleasure me by rimming, and it was electrifying whenever his tongue tickled my hole. 

He brought his cock up to my hole and allowed his mushroom-headed cock ease inside me. Once my sphincter had gripped his cock, he started forcing his cock in. As I kneeled there enjoying his cock, I thought I felt his cock’s girth growing inside me. 

Jeff pops his cock out and move away some and directed me to roll over on my back. As I roll over, Jeff is sitting back on his legs and his engorged cock standing at attention. The head of his cock now had a dark red complexion and was all shiny from the lube. This was the closest view I have had of his cock in its fully erect state and was amazed at how fucking wide his cock was. 

As I got onto my back, Jeff grabbed a pillow, roll folded it, and shoved it under my ass. Jeff brought himself up close and eased his cock back inside and gave me a few slow full strokes before he resumed. Jeff would ease his cock out and force it back while staring directly into my eyes. 

Jeff’s facial expression is getting more tensed as he fucks me. Jeff starts leaning down, and I waiting to hear him whisper something. His nose is now touching mine, and he has slowed his pace to a gentle and smooth stroking motion. One advantage of Jeff being taller allowed him to keep his cock inside me and have his face directly above mine.

As I look up at Jeff and his eyes are looking back deeply into mine, he said, ‘No matter what, do not close your eyes.”

As Jeff continues his slow strokes, he brought his lips down to mine and kissed me. His kiss just changed the whole dynamic of our relationship and made the sex so much more satisfying. As we kiss each other, he continued to fuck me with shorter strokes. 

As he kisses me, I feel the tension build inside his body, and I start jerking my cock that is between us. I can feel he is getting close, and his face is showing he is fighting the urge. I have to slow my jerking pace so I can cum along with him.

I feel his cock trembling and can hear his breathing become deep. I had to quit stroking my cock because I was close to ejaculating. I wanted to close my eyes and just lay back and enjoy the moment. Jeff had told me not to close my eyes no matter what.  

Jeff’s breathing became shallower and rapid, and he never diverted his eyes from mine as he forced back the urge to ejaculate. The tempo as he fucked me had slowed, but the force he was shoving his cock inside me was intense.

I felt his rhythm pick up and using a longer stroke. He brought his face back to mine and kissed me before asking, “Are you ready.” As I shook my head in the affirmative motion, he kissed me again. He stretched his neck up, and his face pulled away shortly. 

Jeff looked back down, and I saw the animal desire inside him about to be unleashed. He brought his face closer, and our eyes were glued to each other and said, “Babe, I’ve never (…), he brought his lips to mine, and he fucked me deeply as he could. As I felt his cock pulsing from the blood rushing threw his cock, I asked, “You’ve never what.” between kissing each other.  

Jeff was trying to speak while fighting to control himself when I asked aloud, “You never what.”

Jeff’s cock is now twitching along with his body when he said, “I’ve never (…) fucked a guy (…) and kissed (…) him (…) while cumming.”

I did not have time to grab my own cock to start jerking and probably would not have been able to since there was little room between us. 

Jeff lowered his mouth to mine and kissed me deeply. I saw his eyes become wide and felt his body shutter. The first blast of cum from his cock was all I needed, and my cock exploded between us. He pumped his jerking cock about eight more times as his cum soaked my insides. 

Jeff collapsed on top of me; my jizz was now a smeared mess between our stomachs. We remained there, kissing a few minutes and trying to catch our breath. Jeff rises up and rubs my belly with his hand smearing my cum all over me while smiling. 

He stood up and went into the bathroom and turned the shower on, and come back to the bed. Jeff looks down and extends his hand “Come on, we need to get you cleaned up and takes my hand and leads me to the shower. Jeff guided me into the shower first and stopped me as I reached for the soap and said, “I’ll take care of bathing you, and you’ve done enough for us both already.”

I stood there for the first time in my life, and another guy totally bathed me from head to toe. When he had finished, he told me to dry myself off and go to his bead since we had destroyed mine.

To be continued as part 3